Denver mayor envisioneers sparkly new Airportropolis

Welcome to the 5280Used to be, they built airports near cities. Now we’re going to build a city near an airport. Because, you know, we built our airport nowhere near the goddamned city, I guess.

I love the 5280, but sometimes I think a little more oxygen wouldn’t hurt anything….

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  1. Y’know, I always wondered what was up with your airport. Actually, the next improvement would to be build a terminal near the runway.

  2. We built the new airport out near Kansas because we were tired of aircraft noise.

    After they build this “city” near DIA they’ll move the “newnewer” airport even further east. Then we’ll need a new, nearby commuter airport to ferry passengers into and out of the city.

  3. Yeah, but at least they designed it so that it could expand and add on without worrying about space, which is a major problem a good few places