Did I see an Obama Romney Obamney composite?

Obamney CompositeI did, I did. I did saw a likeness.

So what hits the news last night?

Obama, Romney Say Admit Women to Augusta Golf Club

Oh, for crying out loud. I get that discrimination is bad. I get that discriminating against women is bad. But seriously? With all the discrimination running rampant across the country, from the endemic to the hyper-politicized, the President of the United States weighs in (by way of mouthpiece) on discrimination against a 1%er blue-chip CEO by an exclusive golf club. Okay, this is bad, too. On a list of bad things, maybe this is 49,518. Or lower.

Now I’m beginning to wonder just how many NASCAR owners the president is friends with.

These two become less distinguishable to me by the hour.


Image credit: Adapted from photo of Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore, licensed under Creative Commons and and Ars Skeptica graphic of President Obama: Adapted from digital portrait of President Obama, licensed under the Creative Commons.
Background for image adapted from graphic by fayemozingo, licensed under the Creative Commons.

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