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Mitt Romney & Gene Simmons: strange bedfellows 2012

Strange bedfellows 2012Last night I almost could not get to sleep for laughing.  The last headline I saw before turning in was “Gene Simmons, Kiss Frontman, Endorses Mitt Romney, Regrets 2008 Barack Obama Endorsement.”

Wow. The musician who bragged 10 years ago that he had slept with over 4,600 women (and kept Polaroids of all of them!) is endorsing a family-values candidate for president. Of course, that “family values” aspect is not Gene Simmons’ motivation. It’s all about business. He’s also an entrepreneur and believes that “America is a business and should be run by a businessman.”

Maybe Gene Simmons thinks he can solve the GOP’s woman problem (recent polls put Obama 18 points ahead of Romney among women). In his famous (perhaps infamous is a better word) interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air in 2002, Simmons bragged,

“Women, and their sisters, and their moms, seem to want to express their adoration and/or fan-worship. . . . So for whatever reason they deem me worthy of their companionship, I was more than glad to oblige.”

Simmons has not authorized Fresh Air to post the archived recording, but you can listen to a version here or read the transcript here. Maybe he’s a little embarrassed now by his behavior. Or maybe it didn’t profit his portfolio. Or maybe it turned women off.

Yeah, that’s what the GOP needs right now: another reminder from another loud-mouth would-be he-man about the continuing existence of a double standard where women are concerned. You think Simmons ever spent much time worrying about contraception with all those thousands of women? Maybe they were all just grateful to take care of that for him.

Of course Mitt can’t choose who endorses him, any more than Michelle Bachmann could have stopped Kelsey Grammer or Wayne Newton or Ron Paul could have stopped Kelly Clarkson or Barry Manilow. So, move over, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, and Cindy Crawford, Gene Simmons is on board. Just watch out for the spiked collars, platform shoes, hair dye, flames, blood, and even more revolting substances that might spew forth from his mouth.

Mitt Romney, Man of the People….

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