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S&R Poetry: Two poems from Ron Yazinski

Boulder Ghost Tour

Because I want to see ghosts,
I pass the two rooms in this hotel that are said to be haunted.
I want to see the filmy image, at the end of the hall, holding a bony finger to his lips
Telling me I’ve said enough and now is the time to listen;
Or the little girl with a twisted smile on a twisted head
Standing in a doorway inviting me in
Because there are things I need to see.
But there’s nothing but closed doors and a maid with a good morning smile.

Several blocks away, on Pearl Street,
There are only the ghosts in training,
Like the homeless man, his hair and beard like thatch,
Lurking outside the Starbuck’s window
His hollow eyes staring at me,
As I finish my morning coffee and Danish.
If he were truly a ghost,
I wouldn’t turn my back on him.


Though the Writ be Holy,
It might still be wrong.
Consider Jeremiah’s rants on marriage,
How his concocted God sulks like a wrathful husband

When Israel, his longtime wife,
Gives herself to lovers, as he says, under every green tree.
Maybe Adam felt that way about his newly minted Eve,
But an aged husband would find it preposterous
That his wrinkled wife
Was cupping her sagging breasts for strangers to bite,
Or spreading her fleshy thighs for another,
Especially if the man looked like a pagan god.

Rather than crying out, shaking like a earthquake,
Aching to pull out the rod and smite her,
An honest husband would breathe a sigh of relief
That now he had an excuse to find another,

Or better yet, retire to his garden and reread his books


Ron Yazinski is a retired English teacher who, with his wife Jeanne, divides time between Northeastern Pennsylvania and Winter Garden, Florida. His poems have appeared in The Journal of the Mulberry Poets and Writers Association, Poets Online, Strong Verse, The Bijou Review, Recursive Angel, The Edison Literary Review, Lunarosity, Penwood, Jones Av., Chantarelle’s Notebook, Centrifugal Eye, amphibi.us, Nefarious Ballerina, The Talon, Amarillo Bay, The Write Room, Pulsar, Sunken Lines, Wilderness House, Blast Furnace, The Houston Literary Review, Menagerie, H.O.D., Forge, Miller’s Pond, Muscle and Blood, Indigo Rising, Sixers Review and Crash. He’s also the author of the chapbook Houses: An American Zodiac (which was published by The Poetry Library) and a book of poems entitled South Of Scranton.

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