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S&R Poetry: Two Poems by BD Feil

Backyard Coyote

Out in the open between the two willows unshaven
a little too lean for song
coffee for dinner last night cigarettes the night before
he strains to see what I load
and I strain back so as to record him for the telling
posing myself in mid-air Hefty bag stretched tight
cans and bottles returnable harvest at ten cents a shot
nothing to sneeze at he nods



I am no longer brave I am no longer well-liked
once again I have lost myself and though I stand
quite still in one place per instruction
and my underwear is new and clean per instruction
this place is far from where anyone will likely be looking
perhaps I misread the schedule strangely
and slid one stop too many into a city of soot and little sun
or simply slid down a dimming aisle amid merchandise I don’t recognize
or turned my head too quickly at the shear of the season
slipping from my well-intentioned seat
I am no longer brave I am no longer well-liked


BD Feil has credits in Mississippi Review, Margie, New Plains Review, and has been nominated for a Pushcart this year. He lives in Michigan with quite the brood.

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