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Romney: As ye sow, so shall ye reap

“I will be with you on your wedding-night.” – Frankenstein’s Monster

Well, it looks like Romney has caught up with Santorum in one way.

The website is working to introduce a new word into the language. Just as Santorum in now best known as the frothy fecal matter accompanying anal sex (or something like that), this group is now proposing the following definition:

romney (rom-ney) v.1. To defecate in terror.

One part of me hopes this doesn’t take (the part that predicted Romney would win the nomination. The other part doesn’t give a santorum.) It’s hard to feel sorry for Romney, even though we have a mutual friend who swears he’s a great guy and would make a great president, because he deserves some punishment for the deliberate distortions and outright fibs he’s told trying to cozy up to the Base. But today the AG of Ohio switched his endorsement from Romney to Santorum, which could be nothing or it could be the first rat running down the hawser.

I will admit I feel some glee for what this portends for the blue blood leaders of the Republican Party.

Those are the folks that have railed against the evils of government. They have assaulted the very idea of institutions, and insulted the good people that work in them. They have pushed the idea that having a good working public sector doesn’t matter. They have made honest discussion a weakness, and replied to ideas with rants and deliberate untruths. They have raised unspoken bigotry to an art, e.g., rather than admitting it’s ok to discriminate against gays, just propose constitutional amendments that make them second class citizens in perpetuity.

They have treated the crackpot ideas of Laffer and Norquist with sufficient respect that they have become orthodoxy. They have systematically denigrated the importance of intelligence, science, education, and sound judgment, in favor of having the right “values.” They have planted the idea that ” a good god-fearing mayor of a small town in the backwoods of Alaska don’t need no book larnin’ or advice from them Beltway smarty pants to run the largest, most complex thing yet created by man–the U.S.”

And they did it all just so they could get a tax break or two. (Not really, they did it so they could get into positions of power and use that to enrich themselves, since they would never get the votes unless they did a deal with Base.)

Well, good luck. You didn’t create this monster–America has a long tradition of anti-knowledge politics–but you nourished it, cleaned it up and gave it a seat at the table. Now the monster is not listening to you anymore. First Palin, now Santorum. You’re going to lose the election and be stuck with this crowd forever.

I bet the very idea makes you Romney.

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  1. I, for one, welcome our new value-voters.

    Look, history is never wrong and while it doesn’t replicate itself, it comes pretty close. The American gig is up. We built the empire, sacrificed the Republic to it, and now like every other empire, it’s time for the fall. No upswell of good, progressive/liberal politics is going to save the beast. At best it will be kept limping along in a state of decay for another decade or two. And the scenario isn’t going to happen anyhow, because the Democratic Party stands between our situation and this mythical upswell of good, progressive/liberal politics.

    The surging Santorum is enough to make me Romney, but it’s not like any other combination will be any less of a shit show. It’s time to embrace the whole weirdness. America won’t be great again until these assholes finish destroying it.

    You do want America to be great again, don’t you? Then vote nut-job Republican.