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For everybody who watched the Grammys: do you believe me now?

I never watch the Grammys because they tend to be a showcase for everything bad about the music industry. I know most folks aren’t that cynical and enjoy the spectacle. And the truth is, every once in awhile the academy gets it right.

Last night Adele carried home six Grammys and Foo Fighters hauled in five more. Very worthy winners, both. Just recently, each earned Platinum LP awards in my Best CDs of 2011 series. As I think is obvious, one of my missions in life is to connect people with music they’re going to love, but might not discover otherwise. So the question I’m posing this morning is this: if I was right about the two biggest ass-kickers at the Grammys, isn’t it possible that I might be right about the other artists I propped in my Best CDs of 2011? Other Platinum winners included some names you may know and more that you probably haven’t heard yet:

  • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  • Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
  • Baron Bane
  • The Raveonettes
  • The Blueflowers
  • Mayer Hawthorne
  • Dum Dum Girls (pictured, right)
  • The Lost Patrol
  • John Hiatt
  • M83
  • Fountains of Wayne
  • Doco
  • and CD of the Year winner Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

Then there’s the Gold LP list, which also features a lot of music that I’d bet my hat you’re going to like.

So there you go – one last shot at turning S&R-reading music lovers onto something that might make their lives a bit better today. Enjoy, and Happy Monday.

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  1. You know, it’s funny, but a lot of times i learn more about bands when i hear them do someone elses work. I nver knew how good a musician mellencamp was until i heard him do a springsteen song, because i was always a little ambivalent about his songwriting. i never knew how good a songwriter joni mitchell was until i heard the remake of yellow taxi. (for that matter, i never knew how good opera singers really are until i heard jesse norman do a duet–she sang one part and a choir sang the other–of gospel songs.) anyway, the point is i never knew how good that foo fighters guy was until i heard him do “band on the run” on a tribute to paul mccartney, who i never really liked and now despise. he tore than house down.

    who doesnt believe you?

  2. As much as I write about music, I don’t think we’re regarded as a real source of music blogging. Which probably is a function of just how many music blogs there are out there. So I’m always trying to up the legitimacy of my music rantings, I guess.