The most pointless ritual in sports

It goes like this:

Reporter asks question that he/she knows will not get an answer.

Player/coach doesn’t answer question.

Reporter pretends that player/coach answered question, thanks player/coach, kicks it back to the guys in the studio/booth.

Can we just stop with the charade already? Just now, on the Giants/Falcons halftime show, they cut to John Lynch in Denver, where he asked Broncos head coach John Fox about the rumors that backup quarterback Brady Quinn was getting reps in practice this week. How short a leash will Tim Tebow be on, coach?

Anybody reading this blog could have scripted the non-answer.

Most post-game interviews these days go like this:

Reporter: Congratulations on the win, Mark. The Tigers’ defensive line put a lot of pressure on you in the second half. How did you adjust to it?

QB: I’d like to thank my lord and personal savior Jesus Christ.

Reporter: Do you think the Tigers were distracted by their injuries – they actually had four seventh graders starting in the secondary today.

QB: You know, Janice, they’re a great team and we have a lot of respect for Coach Johnson and his staff. We knew they were going to give us a fight today and they did.

Reporter: Something I know our viewers are wondering about. During the third quarter an al Qaeda suicide bomber detonated himself in the south stands, killing 300 people. Did that throw you off your timing?

QB: Coach Harris has been working with us on keeping our focus no matter what. We were just blessed today and we executed our game plan. I’d like to say a huge thanks to the brave men and women of our armed forces who are out there making the ultimate sacrifice every day.

Reporter: Thanks, Mark. Great game.

QB: Thank you.

Honestly, the post-game interview deserves its own Emmy category.

And now, back to the game….

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  1. When did all these pretty girls make their way to the sidelines? What is their function? I feel dirty wishing they would all go away, or at least dance a little. But what I really want is for them to all go away.