Monday Morning Drive-By: Where have all the Tebows gone?

With apologies to Pete Seger

Where have all the Tebows gone?
Zero passing
Where have all the Tebows gone?
Can’t pass at all

Where have all the Tebows gone?
Corners picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

I know, I know, this is mean-spirited. But I was pretty darn gracious when he was winning, and even posited that maybe he would be successful. I tried to make the case for Tebow. Alas, the players in the NFL are just too big and too good for the only offense Tebow can run to work.

And too well coached. At the college level, Georgia Tech wins about 80% of its regular season games, but never wins a bowl game. The reason is simple–when opponents have a week to prepare, GT’s offense is baffling. But with a month to prepare, it’s athletes vs. athletes, and GT gets creamed (even by a team from the cream puff PAC-12.) The Broncos had some success for a few weeks, but the pros are far more sophisticated than college, and it didn’t take defenses long to figure Denver’s offense out. And of course, under pressure, Tim reverted to the same bad habits that he had in college–giving up on plays too early and throwing off his back foot. Although I am sure the same idiots are still calling into Denver talk radio and making excuses, and accusing John Fox of bad play calling, the Tebow experiment is over.

And by finishing 8-8, Denver ensured it won’t get a real quarterback in the draft.

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  1. Here’s an example of what we have to put up with here. A texter to the post-game show on The Fan said that Denver is fine at QB. They need to plug holes on defense and get a real running back.

    If you watched the game, of course, you’re thinking defense? They gave up seven freakin’ points. And running back? McGahee went for what, 148 yards?

    It’s all about faith, friends. Blind, butt-stupid faith…..

  2. You’re missing the point. The Blessed Steeds from the Mountaintops have the Ark! When the Tebow could not deliver, the good Lord saw fit to smite the barbarians from the Land of Oaks. He sent forth his Saint Diego to cast thunderous bolts down onto the heathens. And they repented.

    And now in our time of need, He punishes the wicked Mendenhall and ails the Rothlisberger. Those who would worship the false god of steel, beware the Good Lord’s wrath!!!