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Tournament of Rock 3: and the winner is…

Scholars & Rogues wants to thank our music-loving readership for making this the most successful Tournament of Rock yet, and we’d especially like to say a huge thanks to all the bands who participated. ToR3 featured a number of surprises and upsets, but in the end we hope that everybody found a new band to love.

So, the Finals represented our biggest turnout ever and the margin was incredibly close. The Blueflowers and The Lost Patrol asked their fans to vote and they did. When the last chad was unhung, the winner by a 52-48% margin was…The Blueflowers!

Major congrats to Tony Hamera and Kate Hinote. You guys have given us one of the year’s best CDs and the win is richly deserved.

We’d also like to congratulate The Lost Patrol, who likewise served up some amazing music in 2011. The irony in all this is the email I got from TLP manager Ed Colavito a few months back. It went like this:

Ed: Hey Sam, do you know The Blueflowers?
Sam: I’ve heard of them but never listened to them.
Ed: You have to hear them. Email Tony Hamera and tell him I said get you a promo disc to listen to.

In other words, if Ed had a little more Simon Cowell in him this all might have gone differently. But that isn’t who TLP is. They want everybody to hear the music they love whether it’s theirs or not, and S&R is proud to be associated, in any small way possible, with people who understand the importance of music to community.

So again, congratulations to our winners and our runners-up. It won’t come as any surprise to anyone when both bands make prominent appearances in our Best CDs of 2011 series, coming soon…

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