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Tournament of Rock 3, Finals: The Blueflowers vs. The Lost Patrol

When ToR3 started some of you probably looked at the relative popularity of the bands involved, reflected in things like the size of their Facebook communities and the numbers of people they draw when they’re on tour, and figured the Finals would wind up featuring either The Horrors or The Postelles facing off with either The Raveonettes or Eilen Jewell. But, now that The Blueflowers have defeated Doco in the second semi-final, we’re looking at a battle we maybe didn’t expect: two bands that are somewhat lower in national profile (although hopefully that’s changing). And who are actually very good friends when they aren’t in the ring (it was Ed, TLP’s manager, in fact, who turned me on to The Blueflowers several months ago).

Major congrats to Doco, by the way. They’re one of those no-frills acts that does nothing but practice and tour and thrive on the energy of their fans and the live show. Great run, guys, and we’ll see you here shortly in our Best CDs of 2011 series.

And now, let’s go ring announcer Michael Buffer….

The Blueflowers: “With [Kate] Hinote leading the lines, the result is an album that is as haunting and soul-invading as it is enthralling. Songs like the title track and “Fragile” give the listener the impression that they’re in on a secret, like they’re reading Hinote’s diary. That level of refreshing honesty, some damned fine tunes and the stellar musicianship of the band is what makes In Line With the Broken-Hearted such a tremendous piece of work.” – Metro Times LISTEN

The Lost Patrol: “The Lost Patrol aren’t here to comfort you on Rocket Surgery. Instead, it’s a chilly feeling of abandoned county roads with empty barns and ghost towns, like on the slower, darker, farther away “Coming Down,” or the slyer and twang-ier “Don’t Give Me Love.” The echo-sustain on the twelve-string acoustics brings out a harpsichord-like sound on the penultimate “Love” and especially middle track “Not the Only One,” and the harpsichord is the most haunting instrument there is (even more than the xylophone, which is, “The music you hear when skeletons are dancing” – Homer Simpson).” – QRO LISTEN

Now it’s in the hands of S&R’s readers. Who’s your winner, folks?

Who is your choice to win Tournament of Rock 3?

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  1. Lost Patrol has come along way to get to the finals.A lot of Great bands were in this tourney and I believe great management and a great band, great fans, great music, and that is why The Lost Patrol Will Prevail..Last but not Least, This is just what the lost patrol needs to get them to the next level…And I know they will be mainstream 2012…