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Tournament of Rock 3, semi-final: The Lost Patrol vs. Dotsun Moon

Our fourth quarterfinal match lacked the drama of the previous one, as Doco handily dispatched Rose Hill Drive to move into the semifinals. And now, we move into the semis, where it starts to get personal. See, our next two bands know each other and play together sometimes. You might even say they’re friends. Although, maybe for the next couple of days we can make frenemies of them.

Dotsun Moon: “The band has labeled their music as ‘dream beat.’ I don’t think I could think of a better description even if my life depended on it. I love Mary Ognibene’s voice. She can make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up one minute and put you in a trance the next. ” Ear Candy LISTEN

The Lost Patrol: “…spiritually resonant, like you’re listening to the heart-broken spirits of melancholy minstrels from beyond; angel-headed hipsters with reverb-guitars guiding us morose mortals through this cruel sea of tears. None of this is nearly as depressing as it sounds.” – Retrospect LISTEN

Time to vote. Polls close Monday at midnight.

Which band should advance to the finals of the Tournament of Rock?

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  1. The Lost Patrol manages to complement brilliantly the fine audio tones with images that perfectly reflect the thoughts and emotions expressed or implied in the lyrics. A tour de force that is professionally and excitingly realized. They are a delight to the ear and the eye that excites the soul and the mind as well.

  2. We LOVE The Lost Patrol! Just being considered in the same league to go to ahead in a contest like this is an honor!

    (This is why I am not fan of battle of the bands.)

  3. @ Dotsun Moon – the Tournament of Rock is not a conventional battle of the bands. This is the third Tournament I’ve voted in and this one has easily brought the most hand-wringing yet. For me, it’s less about winning and more about exposing great bands to new ears. There are bands like the Lost Patrol that I’ve been a fan of for years and others I’ve just discovered because of this tournament (I’ve become a fan of Viva Voce, for instance – great stuff). Invariably, I develop a respect for all the bands I didn’t have previously.

    • I’d personally like to see DM and TLP talking some smack at each other. Sort of like an East Coast/West Coast hip-hop beef from back in the old days. Maybe some gunplay… 🙂

  4. Can’t believe we came even that close to The Lost Patrol! Correct me if I am wrong, but we brought them to our hometown for their first show!!! We love you TLP! You deserve the win!!!!!

    And thanks to Sam for sharing our music!!!!

  5. Can’t believe we came even that close to The Lost Patrol! Unless I am mistaken, we were able to bring them for their first show in our hometown! We love TLP! They deserve the win!

    And thanks Sam for sharing our music!!!!!

  6. It feels a little strange being pitted in a contest against friends of ours whom we admire and respect. It’s always a pleasure to see/hear Dotsun Moon or The Blueflowers and a real treat whenever we’re fortunate enough to share a stage with them. This contest really represents a lot of very talented musicians and we’re happy just to be included. That’s about as much “smack” you’ll get out of me in this one.

  7. We are flattered you dig the music!

    And we are seriously simply happy to be part of this event!

    It is all GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s move on to watch the drama unfold in the next round. : )