Merry Christmas, Douglas Bruce. And many more.

Readers of this space perhaps know that I have a burr under my saddle where one Douglas Bruce is concerned. For instance:

On the whole, I think my opinion of Mr. Bruce is clear. Then yesterday, Christmas came early in the form of this headline, which Brian noted:  Colorado anti-tax extremist Douglas Bruce convicted on multiple charges.

Oh, dear. So much internal conflict. Part of me wanted to sing and dance. Part of me wrestled with an impulse to hope that Bruce dies in prison, preferably a victim of gang-rape. But dammit, I’m not going there. I’ve put a lot of effort into my Sam 2.0 project, trying diligently to be a better man. That kind of hatefulness is beneath me, and besides, it’s Christmas. Where’s my charity?

So instead, I’ll simply note that Bruce faces up to 12 years in the hoosegow for his crimes against the citizens of the Centennial State. And in the spirit of generosity that marks the season, let me be the first to wish him Happy Holidays. For many years to come. Cañon City is lovely this time of year.

It feels good taking the high road.

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