"The Gears are Gods" and "Crisis Engine": poems by Annie Boyle

In conjunction with our  interview with poet Annie Boyle, S&R is pleased to feature an exclusive look at a couple of her poems: “The Gears are Gods” and “Crisis Engine.”

The Gears are Gods

I am stretched thin as a wire
my soul writ infinitely large

copper cogs bite into my flesh
my blood turns to oil and quenches their maws

I am stretched thin as a wire
reaching from one star to the next

the lenses over my eyes show me spectra
the lenses within transmute them to joy


Crisis Engine

there’s a crisis that you’re having
about identity and dreams
can’t find the deus in your machina
no ghost in the machine
just an engine running clean
that can’t explain your dreams

you look inward on infinity
an eight turned wrong way round
a moïbus feedback loop
leaves you cursing the recursing
that leads you back to this
a helpless twisting on yourself
and turning on your world
the switches don’t explain
why you’re coded on this curl
why you can’t break and unfurl
the vicious cycle mandate
from a maker you can’t find
if there’s a tangle to untwine
to free your soul and mend your mind

you were built just to be broken
to shatter and break others
to wound with fractal flaws
once you’ve slipped under the wire
once you think you’ve learned the laws
learned the rules and found a place
then you know you have a heart
because you feel it break
as you watch with distant eyes
your own destruction’s wake

the nightmare eats your time
even riding in the day
vision just a blink away
of a line of spiraled numbers
of a set of switches signed
“deliberately broken
do not seek repair”
God’s abandoned your machine
you can’t escape your program
you can’t erase your dream
of a line of days unbroken
of your soul at peace and clean

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