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Tournament of Rock 3: Rose Hill Drive vs. The Raveonettes

As it turns out, today is the birthday of Doco guitarist Trev Booth and the band’s fans have handed him a nice present in the form of a resounding win over Viva Voce in round 1. They advance to face the winner of today’s match.

Speaking of which, we now have a clash of styles to consider.

Rose Hill Drive: A very un-Boulderlike band from Boulder, CO – hard-rocking, fun-loving, no-frills party rock – raw, emotive, organic. LISTEN

The Raveonettes: Highly influential Danish dream/noise-pop – “…the modern king and queen of melody and mood” –  “…dark but not bleak, like the single minded determination caused by crisis that is not quite hope but just as powerful.” LISTEN

And now, time to vote – who do you like?

Which band do you pefer in this round of the Tournament of Rock?