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Tournament of Rock 3: Doco vs. Viva Voce

In our biggest margin of victory so far, The Blueflowers overwhelmed The Amends and move on to face Eilen Jewell. Should be a slobberknocker, given the support each received in round 1.

Our next match features an old favorite facing off with a new discovery.

Doco: Heavy rocking Blues/Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop/Reggae fusion – Josh and Trevor Booth are descended from both John Wilkes Booth and Robert E. Lee! – Intense musicianship in service to a groove. LISTEN

Viva Voce: Inventive, guitar-driven indie pop – genre-bending nods to everything from Classic Rock to Stoner to C&W twang – pretty sounds belie quirky sensibilities. LISTEN

Give them a listen and tell us who you prefer.

Which band do you pefer in this round of the Tournament of Rock?