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Tournament of Rock 3: The Blueflowers vs. The Amends

Our previous match perhaps proves that there’s no justice in the world. To be sure, Eilen Jewell is a worthy winner, but the turnout in this contest way outstripped what we’ve seen so far in ToR3, to the point where Paul Lewis, in a losing effort, racked up more votes than any of the winners in the previous four matches. So congrats to Jewell and thanks to Paul and his fans for making it exciting. And by the way, both of these artists gave us outstanding CDs in 2011, so if you’re thinking about giving music for holiday gifts, we recommend both of them.

Now, our next showdown, which features two bands that I really like.

The Blueflowers: Detroit-based seductive, soothing folk-noir – “a weepy but wonderful wall of sensuous sounds, sad but strengthening, emotionally deep without being a downer” – elements of Americana, folk, ’60s girl-pop and psychedelia. LISTEN

The Amends: “first and foremost a rock and roll band,” focus on “writing and playing good old-fashioned melodic, foot-stomping, rock n roll” – no-nonsense, relentlessly listenable and unapologetically funLISTEN

And now, time for our readers to vote. Who do you like better?

Which band do you pefer in this round of the Tournament of Rock?