Be careful what you wish for, pt. 2

Along the same lines, the University of Mississippi recently fired its football coach, who on the way out noted that Mississippi’s past contributed to problems with recruiting, particularly out-of-state athletes who have the wrong idea about Mississippi due to movies like Mississippi Burning.

Wrong idea, eh?  Were I a talented black athlete, I wonder if all those Confederate flags that still fly along the road side would bother me. Or the fact  that UM has not been particularly successful in retiring  its mascot “Colonel Reb.”  In case you’ve never seen a UM football game, and they’re dreadful so there’s no reason you’d want to, Colonel Reb is a goateed plantation owner. I kid you not. Nah, I am sure as a young black man it wouldn’t bother me one bit to have a plantation owner standing on the sidelines yelling “Run, boy, run!” Nor would it probably bother me that the replacement mascot is named the “Rebel Black Bear” or that most students have refused to adopt the bear and instead have started using Ackbar (the rebel leader from Star Wars, get it?)

Of course, the local press has said that the coach is full of it.

No doubt. Despite being in a hotbed of football talent and playing in the most prestigious football conference in America, the University of Mississippi this year was 2 and 10, and the 107th best football team in America.

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