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Tournament of Rock 3: Snake Rattle Rattle Snake vs. Repeater

In our previous match, Dotsun Moon pulls off something of an upset, bouncing The Horrors. DM moves on to face the winner of our next match.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake: Denver-based band reflects the influence of New Order, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Can, LCD Soundsystem – Hayley Helmericks frequently reminds us of early Grace Slick – propulsive rhythms, mesmerizing grooves. LISTEN

Repeater: Long Beach indie rock – reminds the listener of everything from The Cure to The Cult to Brit-Pop to U2 – haunting vocals, art rock guitars, pounding drums, driving bass and ambient keyboards. LISTEN

So, readers, what’s your decision?

<a href=””>Which band do you pefer in this round of the Tournament of Rock?</a>

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