Scenes from a Denver sports bar

From earlier this afternoon:

  • Tim Tebow, late in the first half, finally completes his first pass. Guy at next table, vibrating with excitement, says to friend “they talk about Tebow being a football player, but that’s the great quarterback!”
  • Tim Tebow runs for a couple of yards. Nearby fan to companion: “They should let Tebow call his own plays!!”
  • In overtime, the offensive line opens a nice hole and Willis McGahee hits it for a big gainer. Broncos fan, as McGahee is running: “TEBOW!!!!!!”

Some interesting statistics:

  • Denver’s record in 2011 with Tim Tebow as a starter: 5-1.
  • Combined record of teams Denver has beaten in 2011 with Tim Tebow as the starter: 24-30.
  • Average points surrendered by Denver defense in those wins: 15.
  • Average points scored per team per game, NFL, 2011: 21.85.
  • Tim Tebow Passer Rating: 78.4 (ranks 24th in league).
  • Tim Tebow QBR: 36.2 (ranks 30th in the league).

Some random observations, apropos of nothing, really:

  • It is one thing to win because of a player. It’s another thing entirely to win despite that player.
  • It’s good when a QB makes a precision throw for a completion. However, every practice squad quarterback in the league can make that same precision throw. The difference between star and practice squad is the ability to do it consistently.
  • Those who dismiss objective flaws in a player’s game by saying “he’s a winner” are suggesting that success has nothing to do with, you know, ability. Perhaps people who lack ability themselves have a vested interest in this being true. Hard to say.
  • So much talk about late comebacks. So little talk about the ineptitude earlier in the game that necessitated the comeback.
Hope everybody is enjoying their sports Sunday as much as I am…

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  1. The whole time my wife was watching, she kept saying “This is a stupid game. This is just stupid!” It might not be good football, but it sure is entertaining (to watch the peanut gallery as much as the game).

  2. Always remember, ‘fan’ is short for ‘fanatic’. It is an inherently irrational state of mind.

  3. Where talent fails you, hardwork won’t.

    I got that off of Tebows child hood wall in his room. Explains a lot. Also this ain’t no math test. You can count completions, rushing yards etc. But in the end his passion will continue to trump logic.

    Until people realize who Tim is in his heart they will never understand his fire to win.

    I believe Elway had it. I believe Brady has it. P. Manning has it.

    What is it? IT makes those around you play better. IT simply put is “clutch” and when those around you believe your IT they play to win. Because they see it, and it means glory. It means a good part of history.

    Dan Marino was the best example of someone with all the talent you could want. But missing IT.
    Does that mean Tebow can win the big one?

    Don’t be the team he plays in the big one and have the kid hanging around in the 4th. Because on the big stage those with IT find ways to WIN.

    • There are millions and millions of people in America who work 100 times harder each day than anybody in the NFL. Yet none of them are starters in the league.

      So maybe talent matters at least a little bit, huh?

  4. If the Broncs make the playoffs with Tebow under center, I will give serious consideration to taking up Satanism. If God is a Bronco fan, I know which side of the ball I’m on.

  5. His receivers dropped three passes or Mr. Tebow would have had better stats and “looked better” winning!!! To fulfill your style points category. He is the reason, along with his fired up teammates, the Bronco’s continue to win. If they put him in earlier in the last Chargers game, he would have won that comeback too! There was also a push-off that wasn’t called on a perfectly thrown deep ball by Tebow. He sure showed up Mr. 3 time pro bowler angry man Rivers! HA! Enjoy it while you can, it may end or it may continue. I imagine Mr. Tebow has been more of a contribution to more peoples lives than our illustrious : Samuel Smith-unless there is a body of work you have that ‘looks good”…just saying…

    • 1: Yes, there were drops. What would the Chargers have done without their drops, btw?

      2: Yes, there were drops. And two of his three nice completions involved ridiculous diving efforts by his receivers.

      3: So, I’m offering some statistics and observations about a quarterback’s performance and you want to talk about how they stack up against my contributions to people’s lives? Really? That’s what you’ve got? If so, by all means let’s dig up Mother Teresa. Even several years dead she’s going to be all-pro.

  6. As much as hate to admit, Tim looks like his passing is improving. It may have to do with
    His winning. His confidence is naturally going to rise. Hats off he is managing the game and not
    Pushing it down the feild yet. Hey hats off I may have been to ealry to judgement.

  7. I too have been impressed by his passing. My conclusion is he knows he sucks, so he doesnt try to thread it through impossibly small holes like Cutler. He only throws to wide open recievers, which there are on occasion because his running keeps defenders close to the line. Sam, man up dude. We predicted he’d be on a losing streak by now and he continues to get it done. I know it doesnt make sense, and the IT argument outline above is just proof fools can afford laptops, but so far he may not be causing the win, but neither is he causing losses, which I expected.

    • The team is winning more than I expected, yes. There are reasons, which we can understand by consulting the objective record. Tebow gets some credit, but is only a small part of the equation:

      1: I didn’t expect Fox to turn the defense around this quickly. Also, the D is healthy. You did notice the points allowed stats, right? They’re playing REALLY well right now.
      2: The O line is playing better than I could ever have dreamed. I have no idea how or why, but they look like a real NFL line. When Tebow dropped back to pass yesterday he had time to check through his progressions twice, write a note to mom, wave to the crowd and then get rid of the ball. Not only that, their run blocking has been outstanding – have a look at McGahee’s numbers, which contrary to popular belief have to do with more than just being in the Presence of Timmy.
      3: The O Coordinator is doing genius work scheming around his limitations. Seriously. The guy is coach of the year even though he isn’t the head coach.
      4: Tebow has been a little better running the ball than I thought he would. He’s not super fast, but he is evasive, and I didn’t give him enough credit on this front.
      5: His passing still is the worst I have ever seen from an NFL QB, although yesterday was his best day so far. Even at that, though, his receivers made some all-world catches (in addition to a couple of bad drops). I believe he can improve as a passer, but he’ll never be even adequate in that regard. Every team in the league has at least one guy on the practice squad who’s far better.

      If you’ve watched the games like I have, then you know where the “because of / despite” bullet point comes from. Correlation isn’t causality. As for the “not causing losses” argument, please. If the defense were allowing the league average in opponent points the Doncs would be 1-5 in Tebow’s starts. On average he plays like crap for 57 minutes of the game and then is able to engineer something down the stretch because the defense has kept the game close.

      Still, do note the bullet point about the combined records of the teams he’s beaten. And do remember that once upon a time Vince Young, the guy Tebow most reminds me of, was once winning something like 8 or 10 in a row despite not being able to do anything statistically and people then were saying “all he does is win. Yes, and people like me kept saying “despite, not because of.”

      Then what happened?

      If you still want to make that wager you proposed a few months back I’m more than willing, btw.

  8. It’s not this: “I didn’t expect Fox to turn the defense around this quickly.” It’s this: “Also, the D is healthy.”

    An injury-riddled team with little to no depth isn’t going 5-1 with a “crappy” quarterback. Conversely, a 5-1 team with healthy starters (with a winning attitude) isn’t there because of a middling coach like Fox, they’re there despite him.

    What’s more important, winning “ugly” now with a guy you can’t stand or hopefully winning “pretty” years from now with draftees, who are never a guarantee of anything?

    I’m not even a Broncos fan but I like them more than I have in a long time. They want to win and they play like it, simple as that. I respect it and enjoy it even.

    Just win, baby!