Zombie climate emails rise again (updated)

See update at the end

If you follow climate news, you’re probably already aware that someone has illegally published another 5000 climate emails, probably from the original “Climategate” hack from two years ago. S&R is following the story and will publish a more in-depth analysis as we learn more. However, we feel it’s important to point out the following key facts about the original emails and their subsequent investigations:

If the new emails are, as seems likely, from the same hack as the original, then some hacker has been hunkered down in his parents’ basement waiting to pull these repeatedly investigated emails out like some leftovers left to ferment in the back of the fridge for two years. If the first batch of undercooked emails couldn’t derail the scientific basis underlying human-cause climate disruption, then the leftovers aren’t likely to do more than cause acid indigestion.

Update Here’s a list of sites covering this so far and who aren’t deniers off in the weeds hunting snipes:
Media Matters
DeSmog Blog
Get Energy Smart
ThinkProgress Green
Climate Progress
Barry Bickmore
Climate Crocks
UEA press release

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