"Occupy Wall Street has proven we don't have free speech" – M.O.C. #89

by Lee Camp

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  1. The answer to those who would attempt to muzzle free speech is exactly what Occupy is doing, coming back w/MORE! The people united cannot be defeated! Support OWS and free speech!

  2. Freedom is an illusion the public are mushrooms and sheep. They don’t look up or down, feed them compost and watch them grow. Freedom is not free, but people are happy with the illusion. Things of got a little tough and now you are all complaining, when you have not ever been free, but never had a problem with it.

    What is the alternative anarchy. You complain about money want more spending then tax pot, you don’t like search and stop, then legalize whatever you do not what to be arrested for. You are that weak that you will force a revolution and you are not even man enough to say what it is you want, even when you have been asked.

  3. Nope, not buying the “need for pain”. We have history upon history of nations that try to conquer their way to the top and they don’t last. We are at the point in social media that we can talk to each other as individuals and not just as nations. We have the chance, by uniting in the nation and the world, to change the social dynamic forever. Each person with a voice that can be heard? Each person with ideas that can help? What can we not do?

  4. ——————-

    We love our Free Speech,
    Except when we don’t:
    Except when it’s more than five people at once, or
    After ten PM, or
    Amplified by a microphone or megaphone, or
    Near a building that contains men with suit pants, or
    Women with pant suits, or
    When it’s on a sidewalk or roadway, or
    On a holiday, or near a tent.
    Wasn’t there a Dr Seuss book written about this?
    “You cannot have it in the dark.
    You cannot have it in Zuccotti Park.
    You cannot have it with some geese.
    You cannot have it according to the Oakland Police.
    You cannot have your Free Speech:
    Uncle Sam
    I am.”

    -Lee Camp


    It’s the poetry of revolution.