Preparing our stand against "The Machine"

Hope and excitement filled the room today as our group of nine Tulane students, staff and faculty members made final preparations for October2011. We are two days away. Our ultimate mission: change.

We are on the brink of what reporters have begun to call “American Autumn.” With Taking Back Wall Street now three weeks strong and local rallies sprouting up in cities nationwide, we cannot help but wonder what this could mean for our weekend in Washington, D.C. Whatever it is, we are ready.

For four weeks, we have discussed what attending the October2011 Movement means to us – as social workers, individuals and Americans. Passions toward healthcare, criminal justice and worker’s rights make up some of the many motivations we stand for individually. Whatever our personal passions, we plan to stand together in Freedom Plaza this weekend as one group with the following set of collective goals:

As a group, we are participating:

  • Because we are unhappy with issues, and want to see change
  • To be around like-minded people
  • Because we can…because we have the privilege and honor to do so
  • To educate ourselves
  • To educate others

As a group, we represent:

  • Our clients, and their stories
  • Our dedication as social workers to help people in need and advocate for change
  • Tulane University, our school
  • Hope

As a group, we will:

  • Be the voice, but also be the ear (Know the reality of each issue by listening and speaking up)
  • Be committed to each member of our group, as well as our individual passions

Earlier this year, we watched as the Arab world created a revolution through a series of demonstrations and protests. We called it the “Arab Spring.” Reporters have now started identifying our recent series of U.S. movements as the “American Autumn.” It may be coincidence, but I like to believe there’s something behind the fact that these two seasons represent months of change.