"The TRUTH about the Occupy Wall Street protest" – MOC #80

by Lee Camp

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  1. Occupy Wall Street today. Anyone who is somebody is occupying Wall Street today. The people here are the real Americans of this country, everybody else are either greedy, selfish or nothing.
    This is our country that we want back! We are millions! We are the 99% who make up this country while the 1% steal every penny from every person in America. The 1% greedy Corporate America only care about themselves and completely ignore what this country was based on! America stood for Americans. This country as Democracy or as a Republic, still stood for each other and equaled 100%. Now 1% to 4% has actually cornered America and the world in their favor! Meaning these low down Wall Street scoundrels are sucking the very life and monies out of everybody. This Occupy Wall Street is major news, though the no good media has black it out for the most part. Corporate/Big Business America of course runs the media and everything else it gets it’s greedy little hands on! Understand without Corporate America there would be no media…get it!!!! the media is just as greedy as the banks, the oil companies, the corporations that are stealing every penny America has! It’s time to fight!!!!! come join us and occupy Wall Street!
    Be somebody today!!! This is a major!!!!!! This History!!!!!
    We are millions and we will change this country around!!!!!!!!!!
    WHERE IS THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am participating in the October2011 “Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed” ( protest in Washington, DC next weekend with a group from Tulane University’s School of Social Work. I’m passing this on to everyone in the group, as this is a great video motivator for the trip.

  3. here i am – i’m the middle class – and thanks for this – i forwarded it to many in my same situation – i’ll be at the protest – representing what used to be the middle class – cause i – and my family – are barely haning’ on

  4. Why should the rich pay a higher percent of taxes. People are angry because they can no longer have everything easy and given to them. Who bought the iphone 4 the newest tv we feed our money to companies then complain when they take it from us. I’m not rich I’m a broke college student but I’m not going to blame someone else for my being broke because they worked hard and got rich. Try looking at some realistic views for a moment

  5. I think you OWS guys are missing a lot. You should not be protesting Wall Street, you should be protesting the government… THEY are the ones who allowed commercial banks, investment banks, and insurance companies to merge… they are the ones who allow the federal reserve to manipulate the supply of currency, and inflate the money just enough to keep us all undermployed. Wall street is acting just like any business would, minimize risk while maximizing pofits… it hte government who allows them to take risks without any responsiblity!!! GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM. If you understand that, then we have hte full support of the TEA PARTY and OWS and we can really make inroads. The name Tea Party has been hijacked by the Republican Party, just like OWS is about to get hijacked by the democrats… You gotta change your messaging, by just complaing about Wall Street you are Missing SSOOOOOOOO much.

    • The Tea Party has been hijacked by the Republicans? From my perspective, that’s the exact opposite of what actually happened, especially given that the Tea Party got co-opted by the Koch brothers early on. Which makes many in the Tea Party dupes for those 1%, not the natural allies of OWS.

      Let’s assume for a moment that government is the problem and that greater regulation would have prevented the problem. How does increased government regulation square with the anti-regulatory, anti-tax Tea Party ideology?