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Rick Perry for President?

It looks as if Rick Perry is either the guaranteed Republican nominee already, or else this year’s Fred Thompson. Sadly, since he’s only been a declared candidate for a couple of days, it’s probably a bit too early to say. But Perry has the right chops—he’s already implied that Obama doesn’t love America, and that Ben Bernanke should be given some sort of Texas treatment if he tries to stimulate the economy, since that would be “treasonous.” He’s vindictive, dumb as a post, a rigid Creationist, a global warming denier, and completely in bed with the oil industry. And, of course, thinks secession might be the solution, although to what, exactly, isn’t clear. Oh, I wish and hope. Anyway, what’s not to like? Oh, and he has never lost a political campaign, including when the Bush group supported Sissy Farenhold in her campaign against him for governor a couple of years ago. Really, what’s not to like here?

I’m certain this tells us something important about the state of political discourse in America right now that Perry seems to now be the leading contender for the nomination.

But I’m not certain what that might be. The whole process of “defining deviancy down,” in Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s famous phrase, has been going on so long in American politics that’s we long ago lost the ability to differentiate between a real news “headline” from whatever is showing up in The Onion on any particular day. This seems particularly true in the political sphere, where it appears that anyone can say just about anything and not be called on it. Still, it seems safe to say that this year’s group of candidates for the Republican nomination of President of the United States of America marks a new low in, well, something. A race to the bottom that turns out not to have one. A number of them had no problem whatsoever with the US defaulting on its obligations. All of them think global warming is some sort of conspiracy (well, maybe not Romney or Huntsman, but they’ve assumed the position for the time being). I wish I could be at one of these “debates” (using the term loosely, of course) just so I could pose a question to Bachmann, Santorum, Cain, and maybe Perry too—“You all say that God told you to run. Why didn’t He just tell one of you?”

And leaving aside the question of whether America is ready for another Texas governor as President, it’s fairly clear already that the forthcoming campaign is bound to set now lows in mendacity, racist innuendo, and the usual Republican bag of tricks. This will provide tremendous fodder for the usual raft of lefty bloggers, including myself, and I suppose I won’t be able to resist, especially when it comes to the usual hooting about how whorish the US media remains. Boy, do I miss Media Whores Online and Billmon—they’d have a field day with this crew and the press coverage they’re getting. In a rational universe, they’d all be laughed off the stage.

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  1. Maybe if we’re lucky, the supporters of God’s chosen candidates will start an internecine religious war (frankly, the more bloody the better). Imagine, armed hordes for Jesus and Bachmann raiding the offices of Perry like the Inquisition in Languedoc.

    Kill them all. God will know his own. And the blood will run like rivers through the aisles of the Republican convention.

  2. … marks a new low in …

    number of viable candidates? According to pundits, the Repub nomination is now a two horse race between Romney and Perry. The election is still 15 months away. With a Dem incumbent who has failed to demonstrably clean up after Dubya’s 8 year-long lost weekend, you’d think candidates would be lining up for a shot at the presidency. Instead, we’ve got 3 extremists and Ron Paul.

    John McCain must be rolling over in his … oh wait.

  3. The vast majority of politicians (democrats and republicans) believe in unregulated capitalism. God does not. Men who barter the “wants” of other men should be able to charge what the market will bear. Those that barter “needs” should not.
    Thus companies that develop a patentable drug that might cost one dollar a dose to make can charge 10,000 dollars to those who need it, and our politicians are mute (some even applaud). If you can’t pay for the drug you suffer and die. That is the society that we live in. That is not the society that exists in heaven.
    When the rich corner the market on food, water, medicine and energy, we will all be economic slaves subject to their whims (even more so than we are now).
    Corporations already possess more rights are taxed at a lower rate than people. Cheap, unpatentable drugs such as 3-bromopyruvate, methylglyoxal, methyl jasmonate, DCA, f16 and others that have successfully cured cancer have largely been economically orphaned while expensive analogs that work by the same mechanism are developed.
    I, like God, believe men should earn their living honestly, that corporate vampires should not be legally empowered to extort their living from the dying. That is evil: an evil embraced by republicans and democrats alike.

    • Abel: As most folks around here know, I’m not a Christian, nor do I believe in any kind of god that anybody else would recognize as a god. And I stay mad at most American Christians because of how they behave (and vote).

      I wish more of your fellow believers thought like you do. I really do. If they did, both of our major parties, and the state of our society in general, would be a lot better off.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Thank you Samuel.

    I too, wish more people believed as I do. The occupy Wall Street protests indicate that a growing number at least share my disgust of corporate and government greed. I think that might be a good sign.

    In my previous comment, I could have been clearer in expressing my beliefs.

    God does not get involved in politics and does NOT endorse candidates. God does not kill to pursue money and power like nations do. He wants nothing to do with legalized murder (war).

    Politicians that claim God wants them to become corrupt prostitutes are just manipulating the masses with lies. God would prefer that they earn their living honestly and improve the world around them: not sell out its’ interests to the highest bidder.

    Fortunately God has given us the means so we can tell when a politician is lying: their lips are moving. People should try to keep this in mind when some pundit is using their beliefs to manipulate them.