Will the checks go out?

So there i was trying to enjoy my udon noodle bowl and read some St. Augustine on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, Wolf Blitzer was there too, and he wouldn’t shut up. So i got to hear the latest updates on the crisis of the moment; insightful stuff too, like how i’m supposed to be offended because the Speaker of the House used the word “ass” in public. Oh dear… Sure, i laughed at the footage of the Tea Partiers marching with a sign describing the US government as a many “uttered” beast. And i shook my head in disbelief that we pay people like Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell a good salary for being ass-hatted dumb fucks. But the real kicker was Wolf worrying if “their checks will go out.”

He was referring to US troops. I assume he’s most worried about troops currently deployed to our failing imperial adventures, because he made sure to have clips of soldiers in Afghanistan playing while he publicly fretted.

Now, look, America. The empire that can’t afford to pay its legions is a falling one. Don’t tell the DoD that though, they don’t like sharing utters.