Reinventing ourselves again

Look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird … it’s a plane. Nope, it’s Super Congress. Where caped, congressional crusaders will wage the battle between good and evil far above the heads of mere mortals and senior citizens living on Social Security. It will be where the “leaders” of both parties (and they’re not leaving any room in this Super Congress for a desperately needed third party) get together to make the big decisions, so it will also function as a reward for years of dedicated ass-kissing, lying and soul-selling. There’s a good reason why the leadership of both parties is for this Super Congress idea; they always manage to find common ground when it’s time to screw you and me. And the best – by far – way to grind the American people into destitution is to enshrine the oligarchy with extra-political rights.

Never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to invent the crisis to seize.

You can’t really default on debt denominated in a currency you can print. As Paul Craig-Roberts points out, if we’re not going to let Goldman-Sachs fall because it’s too big to fail, we’re not going to let the too-big-to-fail US government fall. Or, at least not until the likes of Goldman-Sachs feels that they can weather that fall in a position to take outright control. They have no use for the second scenario. They’re already in outright control, and they don’t have to take any of the responsibility. The GAO just told us that we gave sixteen trillion dollars to the financial sector in bailouts. Their boys and girls in D.C. won’t let them down.

Now we learn that we’re broke, so broke that we’ll have to start cutting programs that a great many of your neighbors depend upon. We hear that these are “entitlements” and vague insinuations that they’re not funded. Except they are funded. Every one of us except the rich fund these programs each week through payroll taxes. If Social Security isn’t funded, it’s only because three decades of the fuckwads that are conferring upon themselves the title of Super Congressmen have been borrowing from our savings account. What’s not funded in the federal budget is a $16T giveaway to what amounts to a handful of narcissistically self-entitled assholes who bet a bunch of money they didn’t have and then cried like babies when they lost. What’s not funded is a military budget that runs close to $1T per year when you actually add it all up and a handful of wars we can’t seem to win. That’s not funded, but we can’t raise taxes – apparently that’s Communism – so we’ll just have to pinch the old folks.

Of course, every other time Congress has spent itself to the debt ceiling they’ve just raised it. Even St. Ronnie did it. This time, though, it makes for a convenient ploy to shove IMF/World Bank style, neo-liberal austerity measures down our throats. It doesn’t matter that those have never produced anything except death, destitution and despotism in every place they’ve been imposed. Your overlords have decided that it’s time for you to try on the golden straightjacket, America. President Fuck You and Speaker Boner are here to take your measurements.

As part of that, you and i get to be ruled by this Super Congress thingy. No tedious debate, no amendments, just an up-or-down vote on whatever the six most recalcitrant Republicans and six most pliant Democrats that make up our new Politburo have decided is best for us. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who has less faith in the intelligence of Americans (and their political leadership) than me. I’m now on public record declaring that i’m surrounded by idiots and assholes … and i mean that with a sincerity that not even i can fake … but i have even less faith in the idea that twelve people who’ve risen to the highest ranks of our two, major parties will have the intelligence, reason and best interests of the nation at heart to make a decent decision about anything.

Not that i don’t enjoy watching the baby steps to tyranny. I do, especially because i’m not above feeling a certain sense of glee at my personal predictions about the future coming true. My grand feelings of “I told you so” are, however, tempered by not wanting to be right all the time … and especially when it comes to my cynical observations on the course of America’s future.

I wish that i were wrong, but we’re gonna go full Randian libtard and become a third world country like all the places we’ve forced into Randian libtard economic policies over the last several decades. Starve the old people to fatten the rich, we’re reinventing ourselves again. This time as an oligarchy.

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  1. I’m sure there’s some sort of power law that governs the relationship between American stupidity and democracy, sadly. We’re in this fix for two very simple reasons–the Bush wars, which no one wants to pay for, and the Bush tax cuts, which have generated exactly zero jobs, but have certainly made some people much richer. So what we get instead is an attack on Social Security and Medicare. Perfect.