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Saturday Video Roundup: now THAT was Rock & Roll

A variety of things have been calling me back to the great rock of my youth today, so I thought I’d share.

First off, fellow scrogue Dr. Jim Booth reminded us this morning via Facebook that today is the birthday of Sir Paul McCartney. As I noted on my own FB page, I have often been critical of Paul’s post-Beatles work, accusing it of being frivolous. I mean, come on, “Coming Up”? Still, it would be wrong to let a few iffy songs cause me to denigrate a wonderful career, especially when that career includes stuff that’s just fuckin’ awesome. Like this.

Then I finally decided I needed to set up my PS3 so I could watch movies and maybe play FIFA if I felt like it. (I recently moved and don’t have quite everything in place yet, but I’m damned close.) So to test it and make sure all was working properly I grabbed my Complete Queen Videos collection and cranked it up. Sweet hell, people, this is what Rock & Roll sounds like, in case anybody ever asks you for an example.

Another of my very early favorites was Elton John, and I have some very specific youthful memories about a girl who didn’t love me back. For some reason, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” is always playing on the soundtrack in my mind.

So that’s me. Feel free to jump in and share some of your own youthful favorites, if you feel so led. Meanwhile, Happy Saturday, and I’m off here in a few to the Highlands Street Fair, of whatever they call it. Ought ot be fun – beautiful, sunny Colorado day here in Denver’s coolest neighborhood.

Happy Birthday, Macca.

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  1. I love Coming Up! It’s a fun song (not a gold record material) but it takes me back to my youth when I loved and still love Wings and Paul McCartney. Happy 69th to the young at heart Sir Paul! Keep rockin’!