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Ooh la la: 30-Day Song Challenge, the Sequel, day 24 – a song by the sexiest artist you know

So much of popular music is about sex and nothing else, and we have seen more sexcess than we probably know how to process. Perhaps so much that we occasionally grow numb to it.

I can think of dozens of really sexy women in music, but since it seems like sexy is a prerequisite to even get in the door, it really takes a bit extra to rise above the noise.

Enter Alison Goldfrapp. She’s not the prettiest woman in the business, but sexy and pretty aren’t the same thing, are they?

Hoo – did it just get hot in here? Tell me Marc Bolan wouldn’t be proud of this one.

Heck, one more. Guys, pay close attention at about the 4:13 mark, where we meet the luckiest theremin in the world.


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  1. Starr Kalahiki of Honolulu, the sexiest woman in a city choke-full of unbelievably sexy women of all varieties. On YouTube … CD soon to be released i hear.