Denver Chalk Arts Festival, 2011

This year’s festival was outstanding, but I’ll begin by apologizing. If I had talent and/or a real camera I might do the artists in our annual festival justice. As it is, I’m a schlub with a smart phone camera, so please, imagine how awesome these would be live and in person. Next year we should take up a collection to fly staff photographer Lisa Wright out here to shoot the event. Start saving now, yo.

Up first, our friend (and 2010 winner of the Gusterman Silversmith’s Artistic Merit Award for Creative Excellence), Shawn Sapp.

Busy crowd.

That image in the foreground is just crazy good. Here’s a better shot.

A similar thought.

Here’s one you really needed to see in person. Not really sure how you capture this kind of perspective.

Another outstanding piece. How you manage this kind of light and shadow with chalk on pavement I have no idea.

And now, just some cool pieces I took shots of.

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  1. That looks like a total blast. Your pictures look great, though if you guys want to send me on assignment first class I wouldn’t complain…