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Scholars & Rogues unveils new logo

Something we’ve wanted for awhile is a logo – not just the text logo, which we like, but something visual and iconic. Many ideas have been kicked around and set aside for one reason or another (my lack of design skill being at the top of that list). But not long ago, we hit on a rough idea and were able to call on the talents of one of Denver’s absolute finest graphic designers, Laura Manthey, to turn it into something that reflects the core principles of the S&R brand, which we have carefully nurtured for literally four years now.

So here, without further ado, is the new Scholars & Rogues coat of arms:

Scholars & Rogues Coat of Arms

I can’t end this without a massive thanks to Laura Manthey Design. I’ve had the privilege of working with Laura on professional projects over the last two or three years and she has become my go-to when I pitch a project with design requirements (my apologies to her for not being a better salesman, by the way). She has this instinctive knack for getting at the soul of what a client needs, and she’s done it for hundreds (maybe thousands) of businesses in who knows how many industries. So consider her highly recommended.

I’d also like to offer my gratitude to the anonymous friend of S&R who ponied up the cash needed to develop the coat of arms.

Now, I have to go and figure out how best to use this great new logo…

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