Four quick notes on the Rapture

First, via Ann Ivins: Harold Camping’s Family Radio has completely redesigned its Web site with no mention of the Rapture. Hunh.

I hopped over to have a look, because cynical me wondered if the redesign was sophisticated enough to suggest that they had been working on it since, you know, last week. But have a look. Nothing here that a monkey with a GeoCities account couldn’t have cobbled together in 15 minutes or so. Absolute barking gongbats, yes, but at least Camping & Co. are earnest.

Second, I have a theory: The Rapture actually occurred, as predicted. But given the state of Christianity in the US, nobody noticed. Perfectly plausible. Prove me wrong, but until then consider me a Post-Rapturist. (UPDATE: I was right! I was right! The Rapture DID happen. Camping says so!)

Third, as expected, U2 played “Until the End of the World” Saturday night. Bono had some comments, as one might expect. And sweet hell, what an incredible show. High spot of the evening: “I Will Follow.”

Everyone should see U2 live at least once before they die.

And finally, a little funny: What’s it called when the Lord takes all the dinosaurs up into heaven?

A: The Velocirapture.

Happy Monday, and glad that you’re all still here with us…

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  1. If Camping is right, I may already be there. And to be honest, how much worse is hell likely to be than the last year of my life, anyway?

  2. Since going to a U2 concert represents worshiping a false deity, I think Bono is to blame for the Rapture leaving everyone behind.