The Donald Trump: clowned (by Paul Szep)

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  1. Why did you delete my article? Am I entitled to my own opinion? Or are you scared to let your audience hear a different opinion other than your own? My opinion has been up dated. Hope you keep posted. Thank You.

    • You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion. You are not, however, entitled to spam our website with a comment that really is nothing more than “Trump is cool – vote for him because he’s cool and Obama SUKZ and the birth certificate is a FAKE!!1!”

      If you wish to have an intelligent discussion about the benefits of Trump over any of the other GOP candidates (it’s a bit premature to discuss Trump vs. Obama months before the first GOP primary or caucus), you are welcome to do so.

  2. Dear Administrator:
    I am a Hispanic from Brooklyn East New York Brownsville area.
    In regards to my comments that you are refusing to publish, I response as follows:

    1. This is the type of response that I expected to get from you. Simply, that you are not interested in getting a different view on the subject of trump v. Obama.

    2. But is O:K to say: The Donald Trump: Clown

    3. I urge you to listen to one of the most respectable true black leader Dr. James David Manning who supports Donald Trump and who could explain what he is doing about the Obama Birth Certificate Dr. James David Manning is the type of leader that we should be praising, respecting and listening to for guidance, and not Reverend Al Sharpton or Reverend Jesse Jackson.

    4. Also, see