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All the people: 30-Day Song Challenge, the sequel, day 3 – a song for a rainy day

I didn’t realize how hard this one was going to be when I slotted it into the challenge. I just spent the last hour and a half sifting through my iTunes, playing, sampling, searching. Checking to see what was available on YouTube. Deciding, undeciding. So many choices – The Samples, Garbage, Queensryche, REM, Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, The Pinetops, on and on and on.

I finally settled here, with Jets Overhead, a band I think may be the best of our current generation. The song isn’t about rain, per se, but they’re from British Columbia and I always feel as though, when I hear their recordings, there must have been a serene, cleansing rain slicketing through the trees outside the studio as they played. Even their up tunes seem haunted by the rain.

It’s a shame there isn’t a good video for this one, and it’s also a shame there was nobody handy to club the jackasses in the crowd into an appropriate, reverential silence. Hopefully the magic comes through, anyway.

If you don’t know Jets Overhead, by all means look them up. This is “All the People,” and it’s from Bridges.

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  1. Well, I tried to get Roger Chapman (rock’s greatest vocalist ever) and Streetwalkers doing Raingame, but there’s no clip of it, so here they are doing Walking on Waters:

  2. Of course there’s also the Rain Chant from Woodstock. Just a bunch of people chanting in the rain, but it’s on the CD. Goofy hippies.