Why Obama went after Osama, really

Like most people, I’m mostly glad that Osama is dead. He directly caused the deaths of thousands of people, and indirectly led to the deaths, displacement and exile of millions more. Would Sparky have launched the grand $3 trillion and yet-to-be-paid-for invasion of Iraq if Osama hadn’t leveled the Towers? No, of course not. So Osama had a lot to answer for, and while I would have preferred to see a trial, this will do. What I’m having some trouble with are the responses from the right, the ones that question Obama’s timing of this exercise. Many of these have been neatly summarized over at Alicublog, where Edroso has his usual fun with the lunacy that emanates daily from the cognitively impaired (check out his Voice column too). Drudge seemed to think it was to do something bad to Donald Trump, that sort of thing.

What is being overlooked here is the obvious, as usual. Much has been made here of the failure of the Royal Wedding planners to invite Gordon Brown and Tony Blair to the wedding of the century, or the millennium, or something. Many commentators seem greatly troubled by this. If that’s true, imagine how Obama must feel. This is hugely embarrassing. So, clearly Obama went after Osama at the point that he did in order to distract attention from his grievous failure to receive an invitation to the Royal Wedding, and remove all that Royal Wedding coverage off the front pages of the world’s newspapers. And he’s been remarkably successful. Simple, really.

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  1. I’m almost certain that the US would have invaded Iraq regardless, it just would have been a tougher sell. The runup would have been more like Clinton played it when he withdrew inspectors and then blamed Hussein for kicking them out.

    Given that plans for entering Afghanistan were dusted off and reviewed before 9/11 i imagine that we’d have found a reason to bring democracy there too.

  2. But the US would never have gotten anyone, including the UK and their great friend Tony Blair, to go along with it. So unless there had been some other catastrophe like 9/11, it would have been a unilateral action–which I think means it wouldn’t have happened. The desire would have been there, certainly–but 9/11 was the gift that kept on giving to these guys. I’m sure there would have been some bombing, that sort of thing, but a full scale invasion and occupation never would have had the international support that it had–and even there, remember, it was hardly universal.