DEVELOPING: Alabama tornado video

UPDATE: Top ten storm videos from al.com this morning. There’s not much you can say, really, except perhaps to observe that Clay Hasenfuss, the guy who shot the video at the mall, is certifiably insane. You’ll see what I mean.

The death toll is climbing toward 200. S&R’s thoughts are with all the communities affected by yesterday’s storms.


Video taken from U of Alabama’s basketball arena. Terrifying.


Parts of Tuscaloosa are simply gone. Video, forwarded our way from our friend (and ‘Bama alum) Richard Allen Smith.

Debris from Tuscaloosa now hitting the ground in Gadsden…


If you’re paying attention, Alabama is being savaged by what looks like perhaps the biggest tornado since the Moore, OK storm in the late ’90s. Live streaming video and weather tracking here.

If you’re in that area, keep your head down.

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