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30-Day Song Challenge, day 28: a song that makes me feel guilty

This was the hardest one yet, and I’m surprised by that. I mean, I have done plenty in life to feel guilty about. But I think I’ve just discovered that my mind doesn’t associate songs with that emotion as well as it does others. Interesting the things we learn about ourselves.

Anyway, I think this is the best I can do.

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  1. I’m not sure what this means. A song I feel guilty listening to? A song that reminds me of something I’m guilty of? I already had Van Halen “Running with the Devil” and I suppose I could add AC/DC “Highway to Hell” and “Hells Bells” as songs that I feel guilty listening to. I can’t really think of a song that I associate with being guilty of something.

    • Yeah, there have been a few along the way that were open to interpretation. For instance, I feel guilty when I hear “YMCA” because I haven’t been committed enough to hunt down and destroy every copy of the goddamned song in existence.