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30-Day Song Challenge, day 15: a song that describes me

I’m afraid to think about this one, honestly. I know for a fact that I’m complex and contradictory as hell, and it would be asking a lot to come up with a thousand songs that manage to describe me. Further, I know from experience that others see me in ways I often can’t begin to recognize, which only adds to the confusion.

So instead, let me offer a song that describes me by speaking to my values, to a dominant component of my self-image and to what I treasure in those around me – which may ultimately be the best way of describing a person, when you think about it.

Here’s Rob Dickinson doing “Intelligent People” live:

And here’s the CD version:


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  1. “Cat’s in the Cradle,” Harry Chapin. I love the song, but I almost never listen to it because it cuts far, far too close to the bone for me. It just popped up on my Pandora and I hit skip. Add into the mix my grandfathers and it’s just painful.

  2. Wait a minute. Since you picked mine for me (and got it too damn close for comfort), maybe I should pick a couple for you…