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30-Day Song Challenge, day 12: a song that's a guilty pleasure

I probably ought to invoke my 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination. But nobody made me take on the challenge, did they? So today, instead of one song that’s a guilty pleasure, let’s just go for three strikes and you’re out.

If I had to pick just one, I’d start with this, which has to be about the dumbest and most appalling goddamned thing in the history of music. But boy, have I had fun on the dance floor to it or what? (Much to the chagrin of those who were with me, I should add.)

Another guilty pleasure is the entire Electric Six catalog. But this is my favorite.

Back when I was a DJ this one rocked the floor like crazy. I feel bad about it. I really do.

See you tomorrow if I have enough self-respect left to get out of bed…

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  1. Ohh, i got one. I really enjoy GTA IV, even though i wish Niko was Russian rather than Serbian. I guess i wouldn’t be surprised if i’m one of the few Americans who plays and has Radio Vladivostok as his favorite station. Some of it’s crap RusPop, some of it’s decent Rap because declinated languages lend themselves well to poetry/rap. But there’s this one song that i drive around waiting for it and if it comes on i won’t get out of the car to shoot motherfuckers until it’s over. (Turns out it’s a really good video too, who knew.)

    And i found a subtitled version:

    As it turns out i’m finding her generally enjoyable, checking out other stuff while looking for this vid. I like that she’s got a band and the Russian folk influences underneath the modern Pop. Maybe it’s not a such a guilty pleasure after all.

  2. Right. Her voice is pretty nasally, but i like it for some reason. She’s not hiding anything behind the animation, that’s for sure. She’s downright beautiful.

  3. Hated it when I was young and you couldn’t play Myrtle except during the week because guys who did this stuff got the fat weekend shows. But as I grow older, I appreciate beach music more and more. Here’s a delight from Billy Stewart:

    • I thought about making it “Star Wars Cantina,” the spoof of “Copacabana,” but then I realized that I felt no guilt whatsoever about “Star Wars Cantina.”