30-Day Song Challenge, day 11: a song by my favorite band

I know that there’s no such thing as a band that everybody likes, and I’m fine with the idea that some people can’t stand my favorite band, U2. I don’t always understand the objections, but so what. I am puzzled when people flat-out misunderstand fairly obvious poses, like Bono’s Macphisto or The Fly characters, which were explicit Pop Star parodies aimed at the vapid, corrupt nature of the modern entertainment complex. “Oh, look, Bono has bought his own hype!” Ummm, no, Bono is offering a critique of the hype, which you’d know if you’d pay closer attention. What, you think “IT’S YOUR WORLD YOU CAN CHARGE IT” is a typo?

Whatever. But there are some things you really can’t question unless there’s something a little wrong with you, and this clip illustrates one of them. The band had to perform the night of the infamous Remembrance Day bombing in 1987, an IRA terrorist attack that killed 11 and injured 63.

If you’d like to see what sincerity looks like, pay close attention starting at around the 4:05 mark.


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  1. U2 is also my favorite band. I’ll go with the first song of theirs I heard. I was in high school in small town Kansas. We had some New Wave, but mostly it was still Led Zep, Bad Company and the like or Charlie Daniels and Jon Anderson (Just a Swingin’). Here was something completely new and they even played it on the hard rock station! I immediately had a new favorite band and a whole new sound to follow. U2, New Years Day.

  2. I’ll give you the sincerity there. A fine speech. (And i’ll refrain from voicing my opinion of U2, an opinion unchanged since i first heard them.)