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30-Day Song Challenge, day 9: a song I can dance to

Are you kidding me? I got so much rhythm coursing up and down my sexy body I can dance to the sound of a light breeze rustling through tall grass. So let’s let all y’all play. Here’s one of the greatest dance songs in history. If you can’t move to “Party Train” somebody better call 911, because you might be dead.

Kick it, Mr. DJ.

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  1. The Twist. Though now in my 40s I can’t do it as aggressively as I once did.

    I’m heading off to a conference today so I may be late posting on the next few days. Yes, I’ve skipped a few already I know. I’m trying to keep up!

  2. And a bonus track: La Bamba

    (for the Mexico bunch from Kent State who let me hang around)

  3. Nope, that’s what the white man’s overbite comment was for. “YMCA” is undeniably dancable. You may hate it, but my experience in pubs around PSU was that no song emptied the tables and filled the dance floor more regularly or completely than this.

  4. Gotta agree with Brian. Here are 5 that will pack the dance floor (if you hate or love them):

    Twist & Shout
    The Twist
    Mony Mony

    Maybe a category: songs that teens think they’ve discovered (no matter how old they are)

  5. You want to pack the dance floor? Let’s see:

    – “What I Like About You”
    – “You Spin Me Round”
    – “Shout”
    – “You Shook Me All Night Long” (which I would then mix directly into “Girls Girls Girls”

  6. Venice Beach has got to be one of the most ridiculous places on Earth. This video is like something out of a Spider Robinson novel.

  7. dance to breeze through tall grass? now that using the language, sammy. well done