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30-Day Song Challenge, day 5: a song that reminds me of someone

She was my first great love, and I have written about her more than any woman I have ever known (here, for instance). I hope she’s happy.

(Sorry there isn’t a real video for this one, but Van Morrison doesn’t really need video, does he?)

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  1. Here’s a sad song that always makes me smile for a reason unrelated to the song’s theme. True story:

    When we (Backyard Tea) first started performing, we were doing about 50% covers, 50% originals. One of the originals was this great Beatles classic. Steve, my songwriting partner and lead guitarist was the vocalist, and he couldn’t get the words to the second bridge right. You know it: “I don’t know why/You were diverted/You were perverted, too/I don’t know why/ You were inverted/No one alerted you….” Steve could never get the “diverted…alerted” series in the correct order.

    So I came up with a mnemonic of the first letters of the significant words in the lines – DPIA. “What’s it mean?” he asked.

    “Dogs Piss In Ashtrays,” I replied. Well, as Phil Lynott wrote, “We all fell about the place” – laughing, of course.

    He never missed the lines again….

  2. My memories of Johnny Clegg are colored by the memory of a friend who could not listen to them without crying, especially this song, DEla (Now I know why the dog howls at the moon):