Hope fades for Libya's rebels, but memories won't

by Jane Briggs-Bunting

The destructive impact of the Japanese quake and tsunami have effectively pushed the struggle in Libya off the front page and news cycle. The lack of action by the U.S. and its NATO allies to help these rebels has spelled the doom of their fight and will teach a lesson to young, idealistic people across the region. The lesson: don’t count on the western democracies for help despite all they spout about freedom and choice.

The people of the Middle East have long memories. This is a young generation that dared to hope and dream. I believe we will pay a high price tag in the decades ahead for our dithering.

Anne Marie Slaughter, a former Obama administration State Department official now at Princeton University, made a cogent argument for a “No Fly Zone” on PBS Newshour earlier this week.

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  1. I’m rooting for an end to the likes of Gaddafi, too, but it’s just about impossible to look at the history of US involvement in that part of the world and conclude that we could do anything but make it worse.