New for poets and fiction authors: online literary magazines and creative writer resources

Scholars & Rogues recently launched the S&R LitJournal in order to promote creative writing in the form of new poetry, fiction and nonfiction. We’ve received and published several works from talented authors and look forward to presenting our readers with more quality original literature in the future.

Since some members of our staff are creative writers, we’re familiar with the challenges associated with developing your skills and finding the right publication outlets for your work. There are thousands of print and online literary magazines, and identifying the best places to submit can be a daunting task. Not only that, writers at various points of development might be interested in writing programs, contests, conferences, communities, etc. Again, connecting the dots can be tough.

So S&R has now pulled together a suite of resources aimed at helping creative writers find the resources they need to hone their craft and reach an audience. If you’re a writer, we invite you to explore the Online Literary Magazines and Creative Writer Resource page, which points you to everything from comprehensive lists of print and electronic publications to advice on deciding where to submit to tools that greatly simplify the process of submitting and tracking submissions.

We encourage you to share this information with writers you know. Also, we expect this resource to grow and evolve as we discover new sites of interest, so we invite you to let us know about any pages or services you think will benefit creative writers.


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