Straight from the Only in America files: Bristol Palin to speak on abstinence at Washington U

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska governor and Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin, will address Washington University students on abstinence during next month’s Sex Week activities. The younger Palin, you’ll recall, became pregnant at age 18, creating a certain measure of campaign discomfort for her mother and GOP presidential hopeful John McCain.

Only in America can a girl who knows nothing about abstinence or going to college be paid thousands of dollars to go to a prominent college and talk about abstinence.

In other news, Washington U just raised tuition to nearly $41,000.

UPDATE: Palin and Wash U have now “mutually agreed” that she shouldn’t speak there.

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  1. Don’t former druggies talk about the dangers of drugs? You know, those who live with the consequences have a right to speak about them.

  2. It’s so true. Bristol has a great deal to teach us all about the consequences of having a baby as a teenager. Just as her mother has so much to share about being the parent of a special needs child… in between book tours, speaking appearances, reality shows and political campaigns, they’ve both made such terrible personal sacrifices.