Day: January 13, 2011

The grace, courage and humanity of Terry Pratchett

“I would like to die peacefully with Thomas Tallis on my iPod before the disease takes me over and I hope that will not be for quite some time to come, because if I knew that I could die at any time I wanted, then suddenly every day would be as ¬≠precious as a million pounds. If I knew that I could die, I would live. My life, my death, my choice…”

Children of the City of Certainties, part 1: in 1954

Children feel both overawed and utterly repulsed by their parents. We are children, going from literal to hidden to metaphorical to crisis childhood, careening from pillar to post across the jukebox townships that are our lives. All of us, all, spin out skeins of push and pull, memory and revision, a miserable, familiar, exquisite chrysalis of family that promises a moth that cannot emerge…