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S&R asks: What's in your heavy rotation?

Every great once in a while, procrastination pays. It was procrastination that got me a free iPhone…well that and Apple wanting to get rid of 3Gs models to make room for the next greatest thing. Being a step or two behind the times doesn’t matter to me; hell, AT&T hasn’t gotten off it’s lazy, corporate ass and brought 3G service to America’s social and evolutionary cul-de-sac so half of what makes an iPhone cool doesn’t even apply to me. What i wanted was a free 8Gb iPod Touch that i could use as a phone. Not a fan of many things in my pocket, and i haven’t had a music player for something like a year now. Because i’m lazy and procrastinate, that’s why.

So i’ve been music shopping and ripping old CD’s with a fervor.

Better yet, it’s the time of year when i’m the only person at work…which is also why i anthropomorphize the tractor. I can, and do, sing as loud as i please. I just wish that i could still get a little closer to Bruce Dickinson.

Limpopo-Crazy Russian Folk and Rock ‘N’ Roll Music is a recent discovery while looking for good versions of the Russian folk song, Katyusha. The musicianship is excellent, though i can see it being inaccessible fto most. My Slavic musical roots, however, run pretty deep.

The Genius Hired Guns “Dutch Mafia” are an old, old favorite…not the least of which because those guys were my friends. If you’re into drummers, Jared Bryant is one of the best you’ve never heard.

J. Geils Band “Full House”, which simply must rank as one of the all-time best live rock ‘n’ roll albums. Seriously, you need to own this album.

Funkadelic “Standing on the Verge of Getting it On”: The kingdom of heaven is within/Free your mind and your ass will follow.

Ween “12 Golden Country Greats”: I like both kinds of music, but not the way Nashville pukes it up these days. These may be Ween lyrics (which are hilarious), but it’s high-quality Country & Western underneath.

And whether i listen to a whole Maiden album or not, i’ve been strictly regimenting at least two playings of “2 Minutes to Midnight” every day.

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  1. I’ve been listening relentlessly to everything I got in 2010, trying to tee up my Best of the Year ratings. This list includes Bettye Lavette, BRMC, The Black Ryder, The Gaslight Anthem, both new Eels CDs, BT, Chatelaine, The Scottish Enlightenment, The Lost Patrol, The Birthday Massacre, Graham Parker, Munly, Don Dixon and a bunch more.

  2. On Sunday mornings I have “Sunday Mornings with Maiden” with my 2 year old kid. We go on youtube and watch some live Maiden videos, she digs it. I’ve gotten her into Queen. Most kids play patty cake, well mine does “We Will Rock You”. It’s actually pretty funny hearing her randomly hitting the floor twice, then clapping. I’ve re-discovered a few classics, Queens of the Stone Age 1998, Mis Education of Lauren Hill, and lots of Daft Punk. I’ve also discovered Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and I surprisingly like Alexisonfire. Also I love me some Yo Gabba Gabba. If you want good music you need to watch that show. Seriously look at the bands who have been on there, it’s awesome! My all time favorite song is Party in my Tummy, I plan on making a metal version of that song. The song of the year however belongs to Cee Lo Green, hands down that’s the song of the year.

  3. Oh man… Titan has been on a lot lately, and Converge, Ghoul, and 3 Inches of Blood (their kinda like ‘thrash-revival’, falsetto vocals and all). I’ve been balancing that with some Commander Cody and Secret Chiefs 3.

  4. Darrell wins my vote for father of the year.

    And i’d like to add that Genius Hired Guns is worth a listen (at the link). It’s not just because they were my friends. They were a really good band too. It was their fun, side project…especially for Oberlin who headed up Thought Industry on a Metal Blade contract during those years.

  5. I think I am the only person who has purchased from i-tunes (all legal and everything) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. You know, he was the bravest of them all. God, I’m old.