Take a stand and make your own New Year's anti-resolutions

by Lisa Barnard

I’ll say it. I hate New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because, let’s be honest, I either forget about them after about a month (…okay, a week) or am just such a complete failure at them that it just destroys my already tenuous self-esteem.

But also, it’s just annoying, really. It reminds me of the type of people I don’t like. The ones who get up at 5am every day just for kicks, and by 6am have gone to the gym, read the paper, cooked and fed their kids breakfast, ran a marathon, meditated, went to a hot yoga class and shoveled six driveways. The people who say everything is a “win-win.” And who drink vitamin/protein/wheatgrass/fruit/vegetable/chalk/sandpaper/juice concoctions instead of a nice cup of black coffee. And whose response to my horrified reaction is some sort of speech about the negative effects of caffeine — which they’re just telling me for my own good. Yes, thank you.

Yeah, you know the type.

But at the same time, I also hate people who say, “My New Year’s Resolution is to stop making New Year’s Resolutions.” Oh god, get over yourself. You’re just saying that to be obnoxious. Stop trying to be annoying, and start taking a STAND!

And so I submit to you my New Year’s Anti-Resolutions:

1.  Yell at someone on the street. If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know that the tourist traffic congestion is incredibly frustrating, and I work in Times Square and live in West Midtown, so I’m around it all day and all night. I just want to push tourists, or punch them in the back of the head, cut off their ponytails, or at least scream in their faces. Well, carpe diem, bitches. This is the year.

2. Cancel gym membership. Why even pretend, you know? I hate the gym, and I always will. What a waste of money that I could be spending on food. Speaking of which…

3. Eat more dessert. How many times last year did I pass up a piece of pie or a delicious bowl of ice cream for the sake of some stupid New Year’s resolution? (Zero.) Not this year, baby. Bring on the cheesecake.

4. Stop doing so many chores. They’re called chores for a reason. What a drag. When I need clean clothes, I’ll just buy new ones with the money I saved by canceling my gym membership.

5. Watch more reality TV. I’ve heard it’s good for the mind.

Wow, 2011 is shaping up to be the best year yet.


Lisa is a social media marketer by day, but a bibliophile, karaoke addict, crossword puzzle fanatic, documentary watcher and local brew lover by night. She’d be happy to simply change the world.

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  1. I’m going to eat more fiber. This year I mean it. Wait, did I say fiber? I meant ice cream.