S&R's Harvey Pekar tribute propped at Westword

When we invited Denver cartooning legend Kenny Be of Westword to contribute to our Harvey Pekar series, we didn’t really anticipate return coverage in the Mile High City’s long-running alt-weekly. We just wanted to include as many talented people as we could, and Be is as essentially Denver as the Capitol Hill People’s Fair, South Broadway’s antique row, pool upstairs at the Wynkoop, the gold dome of the Capitol or the late great Barrel Man, Tim McKernan. Three S&R founders and several more current and past writers live in or near the 5280, so while we’re a national and international site, Denver is home base.

Kenny decided to feature the series in his weekly Latest Word blog, though, and we’re grateful for the hat-tip. Kenny’s panel for the series was fantastic, and his thoughtful reflections are more than worthy of Pekar’s career and the tribute series itself, which has been a labor of love for S&R Managing Editor Mike Sheehan. Special kudos to Kenny for noting that S&R would probably never have been if not for a chance meeting at a Space Team Electra show. Best band in Denver history? You bet. Funny how things happen, ain’t it?

If you don’t know Kenny’s work, by all means explore the archive linked above. And if you haven’t paid any attention to the Pekar series, you really ought to catch up on that, too. Outstanding contributions from Be, Mike Keefe, Derf, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Benjamin Frisch, Aengus Cargo, Aaron Williams and Mike Sheehan Hisownbadself. Also, stay tuned – there are more entries in the series still to come…

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