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Holding Jesus accountable

by Seth Michalak

Anyone who has spent even a little time watching American sports knows that Jesus is responsible for 95% of the good things that happen on the pitch. Players can be seen silently praying during pregame warm-ups, pointing to the sky after executing on a big play, or first and foremost thanking their Lord Jesus in a post-game interview. He ALWAYS gets credit for the good stuff.

But before yesterday, I never saw a player blame Jesus for royally screwing the pooch. Sure, we’ve heard “It wasn’t God’s will” from a losing team, but never before have we a seen a player straight-up call out the Man Upstairs like Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills did.

Johnson was wide open in the end zone during the Bills’ second possession in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers when a perfect 40-yard bomb from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick hit him in the hands and fell harmlessly to the ground.  It would have been ballgame. Potentially the biggest upset in the NFL this season, the Bills instead wound up punting and Pittsburgh drove down the field for the winning score.

About an hour after the game, Johnson, who regularly uses Twitter, tweeted this:


That’s right.  According to this tweet, Johnson didn’t drop this ball (or the other four he dropped in the game, apparently). Jesus made him drop it to teach him a lesson.

In a way, I found this somewhat refreshing. It demonstrates that Johnson’s beliefs are indeed in line with his actions. When he points to the sky before every snap, he’s not putting on a show. He truly believes that Jesus has an impact on each and every play, whether positive or negative. Simple logic dictates that since Jesus got the credit for Johnson’s headline grabbing three-touchdown game last week, then surely He deserves the blame when Johnson cost his team game the following week, right?

That’s not to say I agree with him, though.  Regardless of your beliefs, I think many have a hard time thinking that a supreme being can be bothered with the outcome of a sports match.

But, if I’m wrong and he did, one thing is certain: Jesus sure hates the Bills.

Seth Michalak is a self-professed geek, social media consultant, music aficionado and Buffalo Bills fan. You can read him, learn about him or hire him at

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  1. I always thought it was funny when you watch those heart warming stories about someone who had a heart transplant and the interviewer almost always leads the person into some sort of spiritual question. Then the person ends up thanking God, when they should be thanking the F’n Doctors!

    Go Bills! Go Sabres!

  2. Yeah that whole “It’s a miracle” thing that’s reported as if it actually belongs in a news story is really annoying. I always thought that the whole thing about miracles is that they are extraordinarily rare. If it happened in a hospital ER, time to thank the doctors and nurses for doing their jobs. That pointing to the sky thing is so annoying.